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Herbalife cooperates with Tencent, opening digital transformation of its business in China

康宝莱与腾讯合作 开启在华业务数字化转型

2019/09/27 Companies
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On September 19, 2019, Herbalife announced a strategic partnership with Chinese Internet giant Tencent on digital transformation to fully launch the digital transformation of the company's business in China. After the transformation, Herbalife China will become a company that drives online and offline full-value chain distribution channels and is driven by user demand.

At present, digital transformation has become a significant strategy for Herbalife's business development in China, which will enable Herbalife marketers to serve customers more accurately. “Focus on customer value” is the core and foundation of Herbalife's digital transformation. Herbalife will use Tencent's ecosystem and cutting-edge technology to enable customers to reach out to products through more channels, improving customer experience, enhancing customer loyalty, empowering marketers through better customer insights, and ultimately offer consumers with a better service. Under the digital transformation plan, Herbalife is expected to launch online personal-store tools in the fourth quarter of this year.

Recently, "Internet +" has penetrated into every corner of life, and the digital economy generated by "Internet +" contains tremendous momentum to promote economic development. Digital transformation has become an important development direction for many industries.

Looking forward to the future, with the in-depth implementation of the digital transformation strategy, Herbalife will continue to deepen the Chinese market, adhering to the long-term commitment to the Chinese market, and continue to provide scientifically-based, reliable nutritional products as well as high-quality and honest service to Chinese consumers. Utilizing its accumulated global business experience and advantages in profession , Herbalife is striving to create more social values and contribute to the implementation of the “Healthy China” strategy.

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康宝莱与腾讯合作 开启在华业务数字化转型





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