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The smuggling case of the American merchant JEUNESSE has been solved


2020/01/19 Companies
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The smuggling case of the American merchant JEUNESSE has been solved

On January 16, a CCTV news program reported that the anti-smuggling bureau of Nansha customs in guangzhou had cracked a huge smuggling case involving cross-border e-commerce.Through cross-border e-commerce and general trade, the smuggling ring has smuggled about 700 million dollars, equivalent to more than 4 billion yuan. A total of 25 suspects, including Robin Lee, President ofJEUNESSE China and a native of Taiwan, were arrested and 4.84 million boxes of goods worth more than 2 billion yuan were seized at the scene.At present the case has been transferred by anti - smuggling departments to procuratorial organs to examine and prosecute according to law.

JEUNESSE, an American company that sells so-called "anti-aging" products such as health supplements and cosmetics based on resveratrol, has not been certified for sale in China.

In 2015,JEUNESSE incorporated a biotechnology company in Shanghai, whose business scope is property management, but no product sales.To enable its products to enter the Chinese mainland market,JEUNESSE entrusted to Hong KongTianyi logistics company on a tax-deductible basis.Hong Kong tianyi logistics company foundGuangzhouRuizangTrading co., ltd. to import goods in the mode of cross-border e-commerce.

GuangzhouRuizangTrading co., ltd. obtained citizenship information through illegal means for cross-border e-commerce purchases,and Hong Kong tianyi logistics company expressthe goods to JEUNESSE's domestic customers.In addition, the price of peiquan juice declared to the customs is 50 RMB per box, while the actual price of RESERVE™ juice sold to domestic customers is more than 600 RMB per box, making the smuggled import a huge profit.Through identification, RESERVE™ juice also does not have the so-called propaganda of anti-oxidation, anti-aging healtheffects, belongs to false propaganda.

According to figures released byJEUNESSE ,it’s global sales in 2018 were $1.46 billion, including $1 billion in China.


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    1月16日,中央电视台新闻直播间节目报道,广州南沙海关缉私局破获特大跨境电商走私案。走私团伙通过跨境电商与一般贸易的方式,先后走私美国婕斯公司产品货值约7亿美元,折合人民币40多亿元。包括婕斯公司大中华区总裁、台湾人李伟行(Robin Lee)在内的25名犯罪嫌疑人被抓捕,现场查扣涉案货物484万盒,价值20多亿元人民币。目前该案已由缉私部门移送检察机关依法审查起诉。