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In the face of the epidemic situation, Amway is firmly implement the "CHINA FIRST" strategy.


2020/03/06 Companies
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On February 28, Amway global CEO Milind Pant told the media that in the face of the sudden epidemic situation, the Chinese government has taken active and effective measures, acted decisively and scientifically, effectively controlled the spread of the epidemic and made great efforts to ensure public health safety.We believe that CHINA will achieve the final victory in the prevention and control of the epidemic. The epidemic will not change the long-term development trend of CHINA's economy. Amway will continue to increase its investment in CHINA and firmly implement the "CHINA FIRST" strategy.

Pan introduced, from January 28 in guangzhou production base to resume work, to February 10 comprehensive resumption of work, the end of February production capacity restored to about 80% of the usual capacity, mainly subject to some upstream material suppliers to resume work and production constraints, it is expected that the original capacity utilization rate is expected to be fully restored in mid-early march.

Amway China has donated 11 million yuan worth of anti-epidemic supplies to wuhan, including antibacterial hand sanitizers, concentrated multi-purpose cleaners and air purifiers.


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228日,安利全球CEO潘睦邻(Milind Pant)对媒体表示,面对突如其来的疫情,中国政府采取了积极有效的措施,科学果断的行动,有效控制疫情蔓延,为保障公共卫生安全做出了巨大努力。相信中国一定能取得疫情防控的最终胜利,疫情不会改变中国经济长期向好的发展趋势,安利将继续加大对中国的投资坚定推行“CHINA FIRST——中国优先战略




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